Restorative Justice Practices

Communication tools that help us build community, strengthen relationships and solve problems.

  • In the classroom, students practice circles as part of their daily routine so they are familiar when we need to solve problems.
  • Student disagreements on the playground or in class are resolved in a private circle where communication skills are practiced and sharing is the key.

The PAWS Patrol is a school initiative where students from grades 3 to 7 learn problem-solving skills by helping on the primary playground during recess.

We celebrate Safe and Caring Schools 

Safe and Caring Schools

Our original program was Positive Behaviour Support

PBS is an initiative to encourage and assist students to live and learn Christian values.    Students are taught expectations based on respect for self, others and property.  The program focuses on preventing inappropriate student behaviour by reinforcing positive behaviour and positively reminding students of what the expectations look like. 

Our school mascot, Lupi, encourages students to live what they are learning and to do good by example.  Students earn "Lupi's" for doing what is right. 

In May of each year we celebrate with a day of activities that affirm the values taught in PBS! 

At the end of each value we celebrate student success with an assembly and awards recognizing students from each division.

PBS Documents

International Institute for Restorative Practices:

“The aim of restorative practices is to develop community and to manage conflict and tensions by repairing harm and building relationships.”