Principal's Message

Gomǫ̨̀dǫ̀ hoı̨zı̨!

It’s so nice to see the sunshine finally returning and starting to come to school in the light!  We’ve had a great few months at WCS and you’ll see some of the highlights in the following pages on Dogsledding camp for the Grade 2s, Indigenous Language Month Activities, our Ash Wednesday Liturgy, upcoming Pink Shirt Day and Drop the Pop activities.   

We really appreciate all the continued vigilance that families have been putting in to ensure everyone has their masks every day, and that they are making sure to complete the COVID Daily Symptom Screening with their children and understanding the new guidelines.  We really enjoy being able to have in person learning and want to ensure we all stay safe!       

Please also remember to only enter the school if you have to.  Please call in (873-5591) for any forgotten supplies like lunches or book bags or forms and we can come pick up at the door.  The fewer people we have in our building, the safer it is for everyone.  If you do need to come in, please ensure you wear a mask, sanitize your hands, sign in and come to the office.  

Also, a reminder that report cards will be going home on March 9  and all our 3 Way Conferences on March 11 (6:00-8:00) and 12 (8:30-4:00) will be done virtually or through phone calls.  If you would like to book an appointment with your child’s teacher, please contact the office at 873-5591.  

Mahsi Cho for all your continued support.  Please reach out if you have any concerns, think someone is doing a great job that should be recognized or if want to discuss something that is happening at our school.  My email is or call 873-5591.

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Love NWT Water

"The goal of the #loveNWTwater campaign is to reduce the use of single-use plastics and to raise awareness about the benefits of drinking NWT water. Government departments, schools, businesses, organizations, and individuals across the territory can commit to drinking and providing access to NWT drinking water and phasing out single use plastic bottles by signing the #loveNWTwater pledge. Signing the pledge is a step towards NWT water stewardship and becoming recognized water champions in your community. It is our responsibility to celebrate, promote and protect the excellent drinking water that we are fortunate to have; for ourselves, our communities, and for a healthy northern environment."  #loveNWTwater