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The garden club and the Growing together program for grade 3's is in full swing.  Everyone has had a great time preparing their sites and planting food. This week we planted flowers at Saint Patrick's church.

We even have Lupi's garden  to help grow food for our school's lunch program. We will harvest in September.



Click on the link:  Garden Collective 2014


April 2012

Composting has begun in the classrooms in the school.  Please add to the buckets and these materials will be taken outside to be used in the Community Garden.

Thanks to our student volunteers who are making this happen!

First Soil: Summer 2011





The community garden plot was started in the spring of 2010, and this year will be ready for planting!

For more information on the Yellowknife Community Garden Collective please visit www.ykgardencollective.org


Spring Planting has Begun! (2011)


Thank you to the volunteers who are making this project happen.  Our students are having a great time!